We provide a collaborative environment for members to grow their technical skills while building the next generation of software products.


Our development cycle

Our dev cycle is designed to produce the best environment for our members to build cutting-edge apps. Through weekly workshops and major events, it provides a framework to guide our teams to success. Along each stage of the cycle, our teams receive support from mentors and industry advisors. Each team has access to a wealth of resources such as professional software, technical assistance, marketing outlets, and funding.

How We Do It

We use the latest technology and industry practices. We have workshops every week and major events catered to each stage of the development cycle. 

OuR Major Events


Idea Social

The Idea Social is a chance for our members to come up with ideas and find collaborators. The members receive their first taste of the energetic and exciting process of mobile development.  




Internal Hackathon

In addition to our Hackshops every weekend, we host 2 internal hackathons each semester. Teams receive industry advice and guidance as they present their proof of concepts. Our internal hackathons allow members to make significant progress on their projects and receive additional feedback in a casual setting.



Every semester, MDB hosts an app fair for students to advertise their projects to the Berkeley community. Teams prepare their own marketing materials, promotions, and demonstrations to showcase their product and get their first downloads.


Our Training Program

Every semester, we bring in a new class of UC Berkeley students and put them through a rigorous training program. The program lasts five weeks and is one of the most comprehensive technical learning experiences at Cal. Members learn about all facets of building a tech product: frontend, backend, design, and engineering. Once first semester members have completed their training, they are equipped to build professional level apps. They spend the second half of the semester working in a team to launch their first full scale mobile application.