We've launched 27 iOS/Android apps. Here's a glimpse.




Team: Akkshay Khoslaa, Krishnan Rajiyah, Sahil Lamba, Sameer Suresh, Virindh Borra, Edward Liu, Jessica Ji

Platform(s): iOS

Pantree is an app we developed for a startup as part of our contract program. The app enables users to find and order healthy food near them.


Assassin's Guild

Team: Krishnan Rajiyah, Aneesh Jindal, Virindh Borra

Platform(s): Android, iOS, Web

What is Assassins? It is essentially an enhanced game of tag. Everyone is assigned a target, and you try to tag that person. The catch is that your target doesn’t know that you are coming for them. This isn’t a fast paced game of tag; you’re encouraged to surprise your target, and games can take days. After eliminating your target, your new target becomes whomever your target was trying to tag. Since an elimination attempt could occur at any time, successful players are obliged to develop a healthy degree of watchful paranoia.




Aux - easily CREAte live collaborative playlists

Team: Billy Lu, Edward Liu, Wilbur Shi, Young Lin, Mansi Shah, Jarred Gutierrez, Anisha Salunkhe

Platform(s): iOS, Android

Aux allows you to easily create live collaborative playlists anytime and anywhere. You can make public or private playlists and invite your friends to add their music. As a host, you can have full control over what songs you want to play. No need to bother a DJ with song requests! Whether you’re throwing a huge party or lounging with a couple friends, this app will allow all users to connect together and add everyone’s favorite music all in one place.




Team Members: Cody Hsieh, Sirjan Kafle

Platform(s): Android

Concentraid is a productivity app that uses proven methods to maximize efficiency and focus. Simple and elegant, this app can provide users with easy timers that will provide users with short, high-­intensity work periods with enough breaks to prevent the mind for being over-stressed.

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Splitzee - easily split payments

Team Members: Mohit Katyal, Vidya Ravikumar, Candice Ye, Ben Goldberg

Platform(s): iOS

Stay on top of your game with Splitzee, a super-simple, no-frills group finance manager for all members of your organization! We at Splitzee make it our goal to help you help your organization through smooth, straightforward, and interactive budgeting. 


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